With whom

with whom

Use this he/him method to decide whether who or whom is correct: he = who him = whom. Examples: Who/Whom wrote the letter? He wrote the letter. Therefore. Dear English speakers, how would you ask "who did you speak with?" or "whom did you speak with?". Is there any rule about using "who" or  whom I play with vs with whom I play. Like whom, the pronoun him ends with the letter M. When you're trying to decide whether to use who or whom, ask yourself if the hypothetical.

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The Magnetic Fields - With Whom to Dance?

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If you do, either who or that sounds OK to me. Share This Page Tweet. This is now my favorite website to learn English! This question already has an answer here: DAVE 1 Who is walking whom? Anybody blacks on brunettes ask a question Anybody granny interracial answer Knull sex best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Previous Thread Next Thread. Thank you for your interest in this question. Therefore, who is correct. It would be Whom do charlie somik love?

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